Monday, March 1, 2010

Forgot some things....

I forgot to tell you about the Afrikaans that we met during the Cell Group meetings that were held each of the Wednesdays that we were there. About 12 men and women meet together to study the Bible and share their lives with each other. These committed Christians were very welcoming and thoughtful in their discussions. Charlie gave a homily on each of these evenings. I know that they were well received and gave everyone some thoughts for their week ahead. The second Wednesday the meeting was held at the house that we were in. It was a lot of fun to host such a gathering. One woman came to visit us briefly on the Thursday we were leaving. She had purchased a box of dog pills named Bob Martin. The Afrikaans all got a kick out of the fact that this is Bob's name. The pill helps keep the dog's coat shiny.
On our last Thursday the men wanted to go and hike the Lion's Head, which is shown in all the photos; it is right next to Table Mountain. As we were going towards the Lion's Head, Amy suggested that we try to go to Table Mountain so we did and it was open this time. There was a great cloud cover over the mountain, but the winds were not high so we took the ride up in the gondola. The gondola was great in that it rotated as we ascended the mountain so that all people could get a great view of the area. It was extremely cold up on the top and still windy. During our time there, the clouds did shift for about five minutes and we were able to see the most magnificent views of the entire area. We were able to see Robben Island as well. We spent at least an hour on this portion of the day.

Then the men were dropped off to hike the Lion's Head. It was a long hike, but they transversed it in very good time. They even had to climb chains to get to the top. They said that the views again were spectacular. Later that afternoon we went back to Century City to have a final steak dinner at a very nice restaurant. Then it was eventually off to the airport for our trip home.

We really captured and used every moment we had to be in God's great glory in the townships, the country-side and the city.

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