Friday, October 14, 2011

my time in England is ending tomorrow

My time at Twinkle Toes in the Cotswold area of England has been perfect in every way. Don arrived safely last Friday in time to go to the Fox Inn(where I can access wifi) and have our anniversary dinner (39 years). We toured many, many villages and saw magnificent scenary and meet wonderful people. I don't know if I wrote be we were invited for tea on Tuesday by the owners of the cottage, for dinner on Wednesday by the vicar and his wife, and for coffee with the next door neighbors who have been so helpful and friendly.

I have survived driving on the left. I came too close to a plastic garbage pail and got a little ding in the side, but hopefully that will be covered. I even drove at night and I even parked the car road side four times. I almost had a heart attack in one town where I was trying to enter from a one lane road onto a two lane road. I was on a steep hill and there was a truck behind me and I was about 4 to 6 inches from the stone building and then someone wanted to turn left into the one lane road that I was sitting at. Oh my, it still gives me shivers. But somehow I managed.

Well tomorrow I drive back to Oxford and then take a 6 hour train ride to Edinburgh, returning to Newark on Friday at noon.

I hope to write more when I am in Scotland.


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