Thursday, October 6, 2011

the weather has changed

The beautiful Indian summer weather has vanished, but it was grand while it lasted. It rained lots last night, but now it is just chilly and windy. I am trying to learn how to calculate celcius to fahrenheit. Tricky stuff. The people say that it may be snowing when I get to Scotland.

I have been visiting the little villages around Oddington. I went to the Slaughters yesterday. I got freaked out while traveling on what I assumed was a one lane road, but to my surprise there were cars coming in the opposite direction. It is a take your life into your own hands kind of proposition when driving here in the UK. I pray every time I set out. I have a ceramic angel in the front seat with me, in high hopes of protecting me against the speedy British. They sure love to drive fast on the narrow two lane highways (no shoulders).

The countryside is beautiful with the rolling hills and the patchwork of the fields designs.

Don will be arriving tomorrow from Newark around 9:30am and he then will take the bus as I did to Oxford and then a train to a little village very near where I am staying.

The cottage is so wonderful. But there are many things to get used to: a hob (stove and oven) and the heating. There are individual heating units upstairs and downstairs.

Be well.

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