Monday, September 5, 2011

Have arrived safely

After waiting for about an hour and a half at Newark because President Obama was visiting the flooding situation in New Jersey, the airport shut down. Consequently we left late, but we arrived safely only an hour later than our expected time. No problems going through customs, getting our bags, and getting a train into the city. We did discover that the credit cards must have a certain chip in them in order to use them. So we might not be able to use our credit cards here in Amsterdam. The train took only about 15 minutes. We arrived at the central train station and then tried to get the IAmsterdam tickets, but the lines were too long. So thankfully I had written down information on how a hotel shuttle will be at a certain place. It was there and ready to just leave. They took us to our hotel and and that is where we are getting refueled to begin our day. The hotel is beautiful, very modern and we are on the 16th floor with a fabulous view of the town and the water.

More to come later.


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