Friday, September 30, 2011

Made it, just barely

Lots of a long story short.... delayed flight at Newark (normal), missed connecting flight in Montreal, hang around airport for 3 hours, arrived at Heathrow 3 hours later than planned and then no luggage. There was an electrical outage for just about 15 seconds as I was coming in. That made getting the luggage near to impossible. Finally several of the luggage handlers began bringing in the luggage by hand. No luggage for me. So I reported it to Air Canada and hopefully it will be delivered tomorrow at Twinkle Toes. I am now at the Cotswold HOuse, a B and B in Oxofrd. I am going to take the bus to Summertown and look around and get a bite to eat and then come back and crash. I hopefully will have internet access at one of the local pubs when I get to Lower Oddington (Twinkle Toes territory). I pick up the car tomrrow morning.

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