Monday, February 22, 2010

Another day!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Ones,
Sunday was a day like I had never experienced. We worshipped in a shipping container; there are several put together to make the church and the kitchen. We sat on wooden chairs that were connected together. The small children, the Sunday School class sat together, while the adults sat together and the youth group as well. Eddie, a 23 old year orphan, led the church service. He really reved it up a notch. The music was all acapella, all spoken in Xhosa with some English for our benefit. There was dancing. It is completely inadequate for me to describe the joy that was emulated with the people in attendance. It was an extremely uplifting. God was present in all His glory. Eddie beat his hand on a small red hard cushion, similar to a kneeler in the US. It kept everyone on the beat. What was incredible is that everyone came up to a basket near the front and deposited their offering to God: the little children and adults as well. The pastor, Julius said that even though, the people are poor, they must all give thanks to the Lord. I will try to describe to you personally what it was like. What I can say is that I have been dreaming of this kind of service for my whole life. We then went to the waterfront later in the day and saw all the beauty that this had to offer. What a change in scenary. I will have pictures to show when I get back. The church is founded by Julius and his wife, Irene who are in their 50's. They also have 20 children that they are taking care of because they are all orphans. It reminds me very much of Gerry and Jean Scott. Mike, the Missionary and the three men planted cauliflower and brocolli for the garden that has been created to feed the children. There is swiss chard, corn, carrots, onions, beet root, and cabbage. The soil is rocky, but can be used with assistance of fertilizer. The garden is all organic. Julius can only water the garden at night because there is no water available during the day. There are central watering areas. You will not be able to comprehend the conditions that the people live in. When we visited the rooms for the orphans, they are all clean and each child shares a bunk bed that is very sturdy.

Until I speak to you again!

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