Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More from the first day

We just got back from a lunch near the monument for Cecil John Rhodes, the man who is honored and founded the Rhodes Scholarships. It was near the base of Table Mountain. We sat outside and had a full view of the entire city of Cape Town. We were able to see the Atlantic Ocean and all its beauty. The beaches look pristine white. We ate lunch overlooking this magnificent view. We ate outside. The restaurant had a thatched roof as do many of the homes that we have seen.
I made a surprise call via Magic Jack to Don who was thoroughly surpised. The Magic Jack is plugged into the computer. The reception was unbelievably clear and distinct. .
We are definitely going to the school for the children with disabilities. I am eager to meet them and their teachers.
Mike Boone, the missionary just told us that it is supposed to be 100 degrees this weekend. Yikes. He said that we have brought the heat with us. It feels delicious to me. There is little humidity.

Love to all,

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  1. Children with disabilities are near and dear to my heart. They are fortunate to learn from your experience and compassion. I look forward to reading more about your adventures.