Saturday, February 20, 2010

What a day!!

We went out on an excursion today. We left a little after 10am and went to see the penquins in Boulder Beach on the Atlantic. Unblievable to see. Then we went to the Cape of Good HOpe, the very tip of Africa, between the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans. On the way, on the winding road, we were inches from very extremely large baboons. We saw four of them just walking on the side of the road. We were having our picture taken at the Cape of Good Hope and there was a large group of young people getting their picture taken. We asked them where they were from. They were from the USA and they shouted out their states' names. I heard New Jersey. The gal came towards me and asked where in New Jersey was I from. I said Whitehouse Station and she screamed at me, "Oh, shut up!" I never heard that expression. She was stunned and she even took our picture. She said that she went to the Whitehouse School, which is about a block away from our house. There were about 23 gals and only 2 men traveling as college students. We went on a hair raising drive on Champman's Peak. It was stunning scenery. I am taking a lot of pictures. I will try to post some pictures in a few days. I have had some home cooked South African meals; they have all been tasty. I will write again soon.



  1. Hi Johnine,
    WoW, sounds like you are having a great time and the children are lucky to have you and the men there for treats and learning experience. I can't wait to see the photos. Enjoy the rest of your time there and HUGS and KISSES from me to the children. God Bless all of you!!
    'Diane (DJ)

  2. Good Morning Deacon Johnine: Your trip sounds amazing! We are all doing well and we all had a great week in school. No snow days!!! We were dumbfounded by the living conditions you wrote about. It makes us thankful for what we have here at home.
    We have some questions for you...
    What are the schools like... conditions, appearance, supplies?
    How old are the teachers? Do the kids have a favorite subject to learn?
    Do the kids live at the school? Do the teachers also live at the school and take care of them?
    Do any of them speak English? How does their schools work in comparison to ours? Can you phonetically tell us how to say Xhosa?!!

    Have you had any encounters with wild animals other than the baboons?

    What emotions are you feeling the most? And why? So far, what are you most thankful for back at home?

    Stay safe and healthy on your journey's. We miss you lots and hope to individually blog back to you.

    Love Always,
    Your Confirmands
    p.s. Is there anything we can do as a class to help out the students there?
    p.p.s. Wednesday is Karoline's birthday!!!

    Peace to you, Susan