Thursday, February 18, 2010

second day

We drove out to the school for the preschoolers and the children with disabilities. We brought balloons, crayons, paper, straws, music CD's and the teddy bear mascot. The children were beautiful with their welcoming smiles and laughter. We blew up the balloons so that each child coud play with it. Some of the children knew what color it was. We sang songs from the CD's that I brought. Bob and Ken sang some songs for the children. We met the teachers who seem very attentive to the needs of the children. One woman knew both English and Xhosa so she was very helpful. The children all wanted to touch my white skin. They couldn't get over the fact; it made them laugh. We did some stretching and exercise. One girl was introduced to the weaving of the potholders. I took some of their pictures and then showed them on the digital camera. They got a real kick out of that. I was holding one of the little girls who had been crying and she fell asleep in my arms. Talk about heart rendering. What a joy! There was lots of activity, but little organization. Tomorrow I will go back hopefully with a plan for the teachers... a schedule of sorts. There is about three hours of instruction time and then the kids rest in the afternoon after they eat
It is sad that everyone is locked in for fear of someone breaking in and hurting someone or taking things away. There are gates everywhere and locked doors. The school is surrounding by small shanty homes. Amy, the missionary says that 1.2 million people live in this area that we were in. It stretches from the main highway all the way to the ocean. There are paved streets throughout this area.
Well we are going out to purchase children's books and workbooks with the money that individuals gave me.
Bottom line the children are precisous, so loving and accepting and extremely well behaved. What a pure joy!!!

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  1. Johnine - you are such a blessing and inspiration to those of us who know and love you, and now God has made you a blessing to these children. You will be a wonderful and loving teacher to them. Love, Wendy. PS you would have been proud of John last night. He gave a great performance at the Ecumenical Ash Wednesday service.