Monday, February 22, 2010

Moday and Tuesday

We left many things for the orphans and the workers. The women at the Baptist Church made the most wonderful bags by cutting strips of plastic bags and crocheting them. I have one for myself and will show you it when I return. It can be easily washed. Later in the afternoon we went to the Green Market, which is a open air market for items made in Africa. I only found one item, a piece of fabric that will be a beautiful table cloth. The thing that is frustrating to me is that people negotiate the price of the item. After we had dinner we went to see the movie, "Skin", a true story of a woman here in South Africa whose skin was darker than her white parents and all the trials and tribulations that happened to her in the Apartheid era. The disparity between the people is dramatic.
We have been driving on the left hand side of the road everywhere. Charlie has been doing most of the driving, but Amy, the missionary has also been using the car that was rented. A traffic signal is called a robot. A sspeed bump in the road is called a humped zebra. The sign will say, "Humped Zebra Crossing." There are many homes with thatched roof. In fact these homes are extremely expensive(3 million rand). The roofs are very complicated to make and therefore are very expensive.
I will talk later.


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