Wednesday, February 24, 2010


We went to the school with the preschoolers and the special education kids for the last time. We brought a lot of food to help the teachers with feeding the children for a month thanks to the generosity of one of our community members. They were extremely thankful; they really needed the food. I worked with the teachers and gave them the book that I had compiled for ideas to work with the children, both preschoolers and special education students. Bob and Ken finished the light project. They put up 3 panels of florescent lights and they worked beautifully. I was able to bring two beautiful chocolate cakes to share with the children and teachers. It was a terrific treat. Later in the day, we traveled to Table Mountain to go on the gondilas up the mountain top and get a panaromic view of the Cape Town and all the surrounding towns. We were a couple away from getting tickets when they said that the Mountain was closed. The wind has been so high all week that every time we called, the mountain was closed. Today, especially in the morning, there was no wind. We were so hopeful. We will try again tomorrow, first thing in the morning. We went out to eat fantastic pizza and salad. Then the group of Christian South Africans came to our house and Charlie led a Bible Study and we celebrated one of the woman's birthdays. Tomorrow the men are going to try to climb Lion's Head, a natural mountain that looks just like a lion's head. Bob, Charlie and I leave for Amsterdam at 10 minutes to one in the morning on Friday morning and I arrive back in New York City at 4:30pm on the same day even though I have traveled about 24 hours. Be well and I hope to see you soon. Signing off from South Africa. Johnine


  1. This sounds so fulfilling and interesting. I am so glad that you were able to go and help the children and teachers in South Africa. Look forward to you safe return. Judy Cahall

  2. Your tirp sounds like it would fill a lifetime of adventure. On Wednesday it was my birthday so i cannot belive the life expectancy in Cape town you mentioned that the people there only live untill they are about 38 years old. I am enlightened with hearing about the adventures of your trip. It sounds like a fun vacation that wpuld really touch a lot of hearts.


  3. Everything that you gave to the disabled children in Cape Town seemed to benefit all of them. I liked how they loved the chocolate cakes that you brought the kids. Hopefully the school will acheive better education now that you have helped. I hoped this changed your outlook on life, and I hope to have an experiance as meaningful as yours.

    Catie :)
    P.S. Also, I am in Vermont skiing, so I wont be present at Confirmation class.