Friday, February 19, 2010

Third day

This is our third day here in Cape Town. I haven't seen much of the city yet, just the highways and some neighborhoods. We have been in the last two days to the flats where the shanty towns are. I have been to the school where the preschoolers are and the children with disabilities. They greeted me today and said, "Mama Johnine". The children are so affectionate. The poverty that they live with is staggering. The poorest people in the US are not as poverty stricken. I found out yesterday that the life expentancy of some of the people is 38 years old. Also I learned that there will be 5 million orphans in Cape Town alone within the next five years. Staggering statistics. Amy, the missionary asked us to tell the children and the teachers how old we were. Ken is 72 years old and Bob, my brother-in-law is 71 years old. I think that the teachers especially were surprised. I finally know the names of the teachers who are genuinely appreciative of my efforts. I purchased many puzzles and books for the children with the money that I was given. Today I purchased a CD/Tape/Radio player with some of that money as well. I taught some lessons about calendar and the weather. I was able to purchase flip boards with pictures of everyday items on it as was doing a language lesson with it. I took pictures of each of the children so that I can get them duplicated. I will have them laminated so that they can be used in the lessons. Today we are supposed to go to Table MOuntain to see the views. Tonight we are going to a barbeque with the other missionary families. We start the morning with a devotional; tomorrow is my turn. Wish me luck. It has been extremely enjoyable getting to know the three men that came with me. Charlie is the Pastor of the Tellico Village Baptist Church. Ken is a retired Baptist Pastor who moved from Michigan to Tennessee two years ago. Bob,my brother-in-law worked for the Department of the Interior in the National Parks System before he retired. I have been able to talk with Don via Magic Jack and Skype. It is incredible to think that we can communicate via sight and sound even though we are 10,000 miles away. Love to all.

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  1. Johnine, I am very interested in your blog! I can imagine the children's smiling faces from your descriptions. How many people live in Cape Town? It seems unbelievable that there would be so many orphans! Keep safe and give hugs to the children from all of us. Janet & George W.